Eyeclops Infrared Stealth Goggles – Three Games to Play With Your New Goggles

So, you got yourself a pair of Eyeclops Night Vision Goggles for Christmas this year! I bet you’ve already tried them out and seen how they work, but, you’re probably wondering what actual things you can do with them to have fun once the initial wonder at seeing in the dark wears off. Well, here are some games you can try to play out both indoors in your home, and outside in the park or in your yard.

First of all, the classic game of hide and seek is ideal for use of a good pair of night vision goggles. How you actually play the game though, depends both on whether everyone in the group has their own set of goggles or not, and if you’re playing indoors or outdoors. If you’re playing indoors and you only have one set of goggles between you, then what you want to do is have the lights turned on while everyone hides, since this is a lot less dangerous than a bunch of people trying to hide in the dark at the same time. Once everyone is hidden, you turn off the lights and the seeker can seek using the goggles, which is sure to provide an exciting time for everyone. Now, if everyone has their own goggles, hide and seek can be even more fun since you can actually do the hiding and everything in the dark already! Plus for a bonus, you can allow people to move around after the seeker has already started to look for you, bringing a whole new level of strategy, sneaking and stealth into the game.

Another game to try, and incidentally one that is very appropriate around October and November for Halloween, is haunted house. What you do is simply one person has the goggles and is in charge of rounding up several icky-to-the-touch ingredients like grapes, pasta, kiwis, etc. Then in a completely dark room, the person that has the goggles simply leads the others around and directs them to feel each thing, describing gruesome imaginary depictions of what it is that the other players are feeling. This is exciting for the regular players and also funny for the goggle wearer since he can actually se what everything is and also watch the expressions on their faces!

Finally, and this particular game might be reserved for adults only (and we know that more than a few adults are going to be getting their own night vision goggles anyway), we have night paintball. This game of course needs to be played outside, in a park or in a large yard. It’s even better if you find a park which has a lot of trees, shrubbery and places to hide around in it. Basically, play just like you would normal paintball except that there will be about 10 minutes at the beginning for everybody to have a chance to find a good place to hide, taking full advantage of the dark. When this ‘grace’ period is over, the game officially begins, everybody turns on their goggles and the fun begins.

These are but a very few ideas of things you can do with your new infrared goggles. Obviously as you get used to using them and taking advantage of them you and your friends will come up with many more new things to try. The important thing is to always be safe but have fun at the same time.

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